Intellectual Resources helps you to achieve your dreams.  Via Neuro Linguistic Programming you will find your motivation and inspiration within 48 hours heightened to create massive change and take ACTION to create an enhanced personal self development attitute which will catapult you or your business to achieve fantastic results in a short period of time.



Ms. Rose is able to pry open our core concerns and highlight the factors which can cause harm to us.  Thus, she aided in our learning by explaining how to manage if we are already in the situation and how we could prevent it if we have yet to face it.  All in all, not only for us but she lets us know how to help others if they are in need.



I have learned the difference between stress and burnout which makes me feel relieved that I am actually only dealing with a lot of stress and not much of burnout.  This has helped me to discover early my stress and ways of handling it so as not to worsen such condition.  

This course will also help me to share knowledge to families and friends in need.



The session was extremely enjoyable although there may be times when you feel that you are being forced out of your comfort zone - as the Trainer reiterated: This is waht 



The Trainer delivered her taining professionally with full responsibility that every learner understands and gain knowledge after the course.

She is cheerful, the class is very lively and interaction between Trainer and learner is very good.

She has good class management skills, well prepared and organized her training well.  Ms. Rose Juliana has done a good job.  



This class with Ms. Rose is very different from what I have been through before.  Right from the beginning, she made sure that the class is always about the participants and addressing issues that are relevant.  Ms. Rose is one strong lady, full with energy and positive vibes.  Only a short day with her, she managed to shift my perspectives on myself and my outlook in life.  Not a moment in her class was wasted and I truly appreciate her sincerity and passion.  I hope to be as confident as her one day.  Thank you Ms. Rose!.  I hope to be in your classes at other opportunities in the future!

Sarah Lee

Life Mastery Workshop

Coming from a corporate background I have attended numerous other academic events & seminars.  I expected something similar with Life Mastery.  During the course of the workshop, I was mentally, emotionally and theoretically challenged to bring out my most innate abilities with this workshop.  It changed my perspective of life and drastically my mind set in under 24 hours.

The presentation was well presented and the workshop executed with such precision of articulation.  Mentors was well prepared which shows their level of experience and was a great assistance to most participants.  Mr. Osman showed his forte in Speaking and sharing his extended knowledge to all of us.  Truly worth my time and I will definitely recommend this workshop to any endeavors out there!!!

Great job to Intellectual Resources once again.

Mr Bingo

Master My Mind Kuala Lmpur

I want to acknowledge Mr. Osman for the effort and time you have invested to reach out and make a difference to so many lifes' in this world. 


You have served the purpose of your life.  Keep inspiring and keep making the world a better place to stay.  I'm behind you.  YOU ARE THE BEST!!. "Hari Ini Dalam Sejarah".

Haiyub Wabur

Mind Mastery

I'm so blessed to be given a chance to attend Life Mastery Workshop. It is a great program that touches your inner feelings and mind set.  I started to feel positive in many aspects of my life now after this workshop. I greatly believe everything will get better and my life will be more fulfilled and great from now on.

Janyini Ramalinyam

Mind Mastery

I had a wonderful experience today.  Very detailed workshop were planned and executed. I was a bit apprehensive to attend not knowing what to expect.  Well done - it broaden my perspective in life and to see things in a positive manner. 

Well done members for all the hard work from all of you.

Great positive energy from Osman Lee's team!  Keep up your good work.


Mind Mastery

It is an Awesome workshop. Involves all the good values spiritually and in my daily life . Those who continue with this values will succeed in life and in whatever they do.

Thank You Osman and team.  I can feel the sincerity from their heart.   

Chan Bin Owyn

Mind Mastery

Powerful, Emotionally Charged. Positive mindset, Awesomeness greatly appreciated.

Goh Joo Hong

Mind Mastery

An awesome workshop organized by an awesome group and lead by an Awesome Trainer. Two Thumbs up!! 

Illya Shafiqah

Mind Mastery

It is quite an Awesome experience. The activities is quite fun and exciting. It is an refreshing experience for me.  

Illya Salkinah

Mind Mastery

This workshop is fun and interesting. I will use everything that I learnt in this workshop in my everyday life.

Shaun Toh

Mind Mastery

Amazing how positive the participants were. Learn so much from each and everyone from this workshop. I am thankful and blessed to be part of this.

Julia Liow

Mind Mastery

I have never attended this kind of Life Mastery workshop. It really blowed my mind, and I have learned a lot from this course. I can practice what I learn into my life be it at work or family stronger to make this world a better place for us to live in.

Alex Tan

Mind Mastery

It was an awesome workshop. It helped to bring out the inner self within me. Thumbs up!


Mind Mastery

It has been a wonderful experience feeling the unconditional Love from the participants, the trainer Osman and all the facilitators.  I'll not hesitate to recommend this workshop to others who can benefit from the love and care thats been shared.

Nur Lidiawati Binti Ramlan

Mind Mastery

Such an Empowering workshop.  My spirits were instantly uplifted.  Kudos to Mr Osman Lee and all mentors.  I would definitely recommend this workshop.  Will come back for more...


Mind Mastery

Thank you all the members and Mr Osman Lee for today.  This was my first time here and I thank you all again for making my day and teaching me new things. I hope with the permission of my mom, that I can come here again next time.

Elly Hanit Bte Mohd Gnatali

Mind Mastery

It was all a fun experience.  Thanks for the support.  I feel that some might agree with me that the compliments that were given might have meant little to nothing to the person who paid it but would mean so much and resonate with the person receiving and make great their day or even week or however long and that it would reassure them if they're insecure.   

Balan Anil Kumar

Mind Mastery

This program is very productive and really makes me more enthusiastic.  Also it resolves some of the issues which was hurting in my mind.  I am more relaxed and peaceful from here and this course. Hope every participants' wish and positive energy makes my life a success and make a better way of life. 

Thanks a lot and lot.    

Golden Faith Chew

Mind Mastery

I have Learned a lot from this workshop as it helps me a lot and it also helps me to build up my confidence in life in the future as well.  I would like to thank Mr Osman Lee for coaching us and the Mentors for helping us in the Life Mastery Workshop.  I really appreciate it a lot.  Especially my Mom, I would also like to thank my Mom for bringing me to this LM Workshop and I'm very lucky to be in this workshop. 

I face a lot of challenges when we were doing some of the segments in the workshop, however it is really empowering and I would definitely recommend it to others to attend.

Thank You all. 

Dawn Chua

Mind Mastery

Awesome Workshop! 

Can have more sharing from the participants as I can hear from them and knowing what are their pain points, and through your wheeling, their negative thoughts are being dealt with and relationships are restored. Nowadays, people are really having problems in all kinds of relationships!  


Mind Mastery

It has been an awesome day today.  I have enjoyed it very much and I would encourage friends to attend this workshop.  All in all, it was a very good sharing and learning session.

Thank You Osman and all the Facilitators.

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